Floatation Therapy –  Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (R.E.S.T.)- Sensory Deprivation Therapy

Referred to by many names, floating provides you with a solution to many physical and mental ailments. Check out this video created by Float House in Vancouver-

With approximately 900 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved into 10 inches of water, the density of the water will fully support any body. By creating a near zero gravity environment, all of the soft tissue of the body can relax and unwind. This also enables the circulatory systems of the body  to function uninhibited. Finally, the joints have no strain or tension which allows synovial fluid to flow more freely around the joint.

When external stimuli such as light and sound are removed, the brain is able to begin to slow and process only the thoughts from within. While many people experience a period of racing thoughts, it is not uncommon to eventually find a place of inner peace and stillness during a float session.

Floating can help you reduce stress, relieve anxiety, manage pain, boost creativity and improve sleep. To read more about the benefits of floating click here: Benefits

For questions about floating click here: Floating FAQ


Float Pricing

60 min: $50