Massage-1/2 hour: $45  1 hour: $80  11/2 hour: $120  2 hour: $160
“Foot Pressure”; Ashiatsu allows your therapist to use more pressure, more comfortably than most Deep Tissue massage, as the pressure is applied more evenly and over a larger surface area. This modality is especially useful for chronic pain of the back, shoulders, and hips.
This session will be customized based on your needs using a variety of traditional massage techniques. Your therapist will craft a treatment to ensure a deeply relaxing, healing, and unforgettable experience.
Deep Tissue ($10 additional)
Working to affect the deeper structures of soft tissues of the body, your therapist will release the tension of the superficial muscles first, then begin to identify and alleviate the tension and trigger points that have accumulated more deeply. This technique is best received when the client is in good health and well hydrated.
Aromatherapy ($10 additional)
Using the powers of plant essences to achieve desired changes to the emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies is an ancient tradition. Our oils are all certified organic, and selected for each session based on client’s needs.
Hot Stone Massage ($15 extra)
Warmed basalt stone are used to help infuse medicinal herbal oils into specific areas of the body to increase circulation, promote healing, and encourage relaxation. Larger stones are placed stationary on areas of tension, while smaller stones are actually used as the massage tool. The soothing sensation of the warm stones is a unique and superbly healing process.
Prenatal Massage
Supporting an expecting mother’s body is a delicate task and an honor for our therapists. While considering the specific concerns or stresses of each mother, your therapist will ease any pains, discomforts, and symptoms associated with pregnancy, allowing you to find the most restful and relaxed state.
Ashi-Thai Massage
A fusion of Ashiatsu and Thai massage, this technique provides all of the benefits of pressure and fluid strokes that you receive during Ashiatsu with the unique stressing and compression of Thai massage. This treatment is especially helpful to help stretch overused muscles and to break down adhesions of the fascia.